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Hey! I’m Melissa

the founder of Everlign Social and my mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners take the overwhelm out of social media while living a life of purpose and true alignment.

A born and raised island girl, who followed the dream that led to a university degree in Psychology, corporate office and high rise buildings, realized that chasing after what society said your life should look like, led to nothing but unhappiness and a constant wonder as to where I went wrong.

My 26th trip around the sun halted some major wake up calls in my personal life, with not one, but two of my immediate family members lives threatened, I realized that it was time to make some changes to live a life I was actually excited about. Sitting for hours behind a desk doing a job that did not fulfil me, in a city one thousand kilometres away from those I loved most, was not how I wanted to live my life, even if it was everything I thought I was supposed to want.

At this point, I had never even considered entrepreneurship. I kept asking myself a single question... what was I truly passionate about? I believe this is a question we don’t ask ourselves enough.

What started as selling low ticket products in an MLM business with a drive to make a few hundred dollars, led to multiple businesses built and my souls calling almost five years later.

Having the courage to live a life unconventionally, and use social media to make money, WAIT WHAT, is what allowed me to build what I have today. When I first started my online journey this idea of making money online was foreign to most of the world. I was even called a scammer by my own grandparents (bless their souls), and to this day I am still not 100% sure my parents know what I do.

I am now on a mission to change the script. To empower others to follow their biggest dreams. To show that when you live a life in alignment with your passion, life truly becomes incredible (even if you are questioned by those closest to you)!

I believe we have all the answers inside of us and everything we will ever need to create a beautiful life despite what anyone else thinks about it. It just comes down to making a choice on what voice to listen to. So let me be that voice and encourage you to GET IT!

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This is why Everlign Social was created.

A vision that turned into a reality to help more people live a life of authenticity and passion and step into what truly makes them happy. A life of true ALIGNMENT. And that’s why I’m supporting you, as a business owner, to follow your dreams and make those babies come true.

I feel extremely grateful to have found my purpose and passion in helping business owners grow their businesses using the exact proven marketing strategies I have found success with and perfected over the years.

My pledge to you, to make social media SIMPLE and take the overwhelm out of it, because trust me, I get it.

Let’s use this crazy thing we call the internet, to create our most beautiful life yet, and give us more time to spend doing what we love most.

Together, we're changing the world.